The DeTrar Case study: an African pathway to sustainable mobility

Thinking glocal.

To implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in the Transport sector, PPMC proposed the development of a Global Macro-Roadmap to guide the transformation of the sector towards a “net-zero emission” economy. Under the lead of Michelin, l’Oreille Global Innovation Lab was invited to reflect on the declination of the macro-roadmap in an African context.

The challenge: taking the Global Macro-roadmap to an African context

The 8 components of the global macro-roadmap needed to be adapted or reformulated to the context and specificities of Africa.

This adapted framework would enable each African country to develop its own national roadmap to:

  • Highlight its local specificities,
  • Empower its national framework of transportation development

The method : gathering local valuable inputs thanks to community engagement

To adapt the Global Macro Roadmap, PPMC needed to understand the African transportation ecosystems realities thanks to a roadmap audit. A dialogue with experts, scientists and startups was conducted, allowing gap points to emerge.

Then, a search for the diverse but hardly reachable African transportation actors was initiated. An extensive consultation was led to get local views on how to overcome challenges for the transport sector regarding climate change.

PPMC extracted valuable inputs through an online survey and a thematic workshop at Climate Chance Summit, in Agadir, September 2017.

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